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Technical Book Services Provided by B2 International Consultants:

Technical Book Legal Requirements

The Technical Book of the Construction as described in Romanian Law 50 requires that all technical documents related to the ownership, design, technical permitting, execution and completion of construction works together with the occupation and ongoing maintenance of a building and its installations are to be contained in a single set of documents known as the Technical Book.

The scope of construction works includes new buildings, the refurbishment, extension and alteration of existing buildings.

The building owner, the building administrator and the occupier of the building are legally obliged to maintain the provisions related to the occupation of the building as described in the Technical Book.

The preparation and compilation of the Technical Book are the legal obligation and responsibility of the building owner and at the same time a legal obligation, in accordance with the law the Book must be presented at the following moments:

- at the final reception of the construction works by the reception commission

- when the building changes ownership the Technical Book must be handed over to the new owner.

Technical Book Verification Services

B2 provide a verification service of an existing Technical Book, as to the validity and completeness of the various documents required by Law 50 and its individual chapters and sub-sections, and a remedy for the resolution of any non-compliance.

Technical Book Verification Services

B2 provide a compilation service which ensures the correct indexation of the completed documentation within an existing Technical Book into the required chapters and sub-sections with appropriate coding for each individual document for ease of future reference.

Technical Book Compilation

Our recommendation is that after the Technical Book is verified and ordered, it should be put into a digital format both to avoid damage or loss of original documents and for an easier way to access the information required by the maintenance or service teams and the authorities having jurisdiction.